About Us

Stelee Industries is a privately-held commercial real estate development and management company based in Los Angeles with a diverse portfolio of properties including offices, healthcare facilities, retail stores and warehouses.

With over 30 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, Stelee Industries has developed and managed over 100 properties spanning 1.5 million square feet. The portfolio of properties includes office and administrative space, retail and wholesale establishments, clinical and other healthcare facilities, warehouses and distribution centers, and industrial projects. Properties are principally located in Southern California and the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
With two teams of highly experienced property development and property management professionals, Stelee Industries is uniquely able to support tenants throughout an asset’s entire life cycle. Stelee Industries prides itself on developing strong and lasting relationships in the real estate industry and on having a deep knowledge of local markets. The company works closely with tenants to understand their objectives, needs and strategies and with construction, design and architectural specialists to ensure that products and service of the highest quality are delivered. Stelee Industries has seen amazing growth over the past 30 years due to its leadership, employees and commitment to quality and service. The company’s overall vision focuses its ventures based on key industries, and the strength of the large and diverse portfolio has created a solid financial platform to thrive regardless of the changing state of the economy.
The company’s success can also be attributed to our commitment to the betterment of the surrounding communities. In addition to our commercial projects, Stelee Industries has committed substantial efforts and resources to partner with nonprofit organizations and government agencies to enhance the socio-economic climate of communities within the greater Los Angeles area. Currently, many of our projects are dedicated to helping mitigate the rapidly deteriorating crisis of homelessness and other at risk individuals. Such projects include transitional housing facilities, placement services, mental health and clinical services, and other forms of support for disadvantaged groups.

President & CEO - Steve Sungho Lee

Always moving and thinking for our communities. That’s Steve Lee.

After graduating from UC Berkeley in 1986, Steve began a career in the real estate industry with the purchase of a small lot in downtown Los Angeles. He successfully developed that property, leading to the acquisition and development of others. By 1992, Steve had established a portfolio of commercial real estate projects and founded Stelee Industries, Inc.

As Founder and CEO, Steve spearheaded the company’s tremendous growth while directing the daily operations. Steve assembled a team of professionals committed to developing high quality projects that optimize asset value as well as serve and enhance communities around them. To date, the company has developed and managed over 100 properties.

When Steve isn’t in the office, you’ll likely find him advocating for the local community. He applies his boundless energy toward supporting and giving back to the community he loves.

Key Strengths and Principles
  • Top and Bottom Line Growth
  • Business Development and Management
  • Operational Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Integrity