Stelee Industries provides exceptional services in all aspects of commercial real estate development and management, including with respect to planning, design, construction, leasing, and daily management. We are committed to quality in everything we do.


We collaborate with large business organizations, governmental agencies, non-profit corporations and local business owners to understand their objectives and operations, to identify ideal locations, and to help develop strategies for the effective, long-term use of the properties. We have decades of experience and an exceptional knowledge of local markets. We maximize asset value, help tenants grow operations and reach, and build our communities through effective and knowledgeable planning.


We work closely with multiple architectural and design professionals on the creation of plans and designs to ensure that excellent products and services are being provided. We have extensive knowledge of and experience with the applicable standards, requirements and procedures for the submission and administrative approval of plans and designs. We insist upon the highest quality for all designs and plans.


We oversee and conduct all phases of construction and improvement of our properties with a highly experienced, in-house team of construction professionals. We engage and manage excellent construction specialists when such services are necessary. We have developed over 100 projects in our extremely diverse portfolio, including office and administrative space, healthcare and clinical facilities, retail and wholesale operations, and industrial and distribution projects.


With our in-house property management team, we handle all leasing and maintenance matters, including major improvements, repairs and standard upkeep. We have developed strong and lasting relationships with a wide range of tenants, including large organizations, governmental agencies and local businesses. We maximize long-term asset value by optimizing a property’s physical attributes as well as and its operational performance over time.

Services of Stelee Industries, Inc

The combination of development and management experience and services makes Stelee Industries unique and is a major factor in our overall success. Our staff has extensive experience in all stages of project development and property operations, so we are uniquely positioned to support our projects throughout an asset’s entire lifecycle. We are committed to quality in everything we do. Our decades of experience as both developers and operators enables us to identify problems and avert them before they can arise, being proactive rather than reactive. This results in significant project cost savings and the reduction of time and risk. We pride ourselves on the continuity of our teams and believe this consistency and depth of knowledge greatly benefits our projects, tenants and local communities.